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A facility and collection organized with the end-user in mind is critical, but it is your library signage that gives your patrons easy access. Can they readily find your computer catalog? Can they look up from that computer catalog and see a library sign that shows them where to go next? Can they read your library signs from a distance? Does your library signage give them answers at every point where they need to make a decision?


The poster banners are printed on 7 or 8 mil Pro Satin paper laminated 10 mil on the front and 10 mil on the back creating a durable, crisp sign that can be cleaned with household detergent. It can be attached to walls with adhesive mounting tape, or we can drill holes and provide brass screws for you to mount this library signage. Hang these library signs single or double-sided with banner hardware or simply with some monofilament (fishing line). This "fiction" sign is 10" high and 42.5" wide.

Too often, library signage on the endcaps is visible only to staff and patrons standing two feet in front of them. Our endcap labels are visible up to 100 feet away when the characters are 3 inches high. These endcap labels are 5 x 8" vertically or 8 x 5" installed  horizontally and printed on 80# cardstock. The custom acrylic covers have holes drilled in the four corners to accept brass screws, which give this library signage a nicely finished look while providing protection from traffic at the endcaps.

You will be creating library signage that is visible from a distance, providing a professional finish, and minimizing the visual clutter of unnecessary or redundant information.

Whenever possible, include library images with your library signage to make it decorative as well as informational, and make it large enough to enhance your interior design and minimize the clutter of too many library signs. When library signs are big and colorful enough to catch the eye, you don't need so many! And if library signage is attractive enough, it becomes a positive component of your decorative theme.


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General Library Signs

Some of our library graphics are designed to draw patrons into specific areas of the library. Signs that direct them to the children's section, that identify public computers or label the online catalog can be large and colorful banners. This library signage is designed for subject recognition with or without text, but you can add your own text using your colors, fonts and sizes.

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