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Literary genres have similar themes or styles. These literary genre graphics are simple and recognizable to all ages. Display them as colorful decoration, as reminders about reading choices, and as tools for teaching about the literary genres.


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Literary Genres

Literary genres are collections of works with a similar theme or style. Some literary genres become whole sections of a library: biography, picture books, nonfiction. Others are shelved together within the classifications: folktales (fables, tall tales, fairy tales and myths) and poetry in its various forms.

Within the fiction section, it becomes trickier to identify the literary genres: historical fiction, mystery, realistic fiction, fantasy, science fiction, sport stories, etc. Usually librarians attach small stickers to the spines of the books to identify the different genres because the books are shelved by the author's last name. The library user must be browsing at the shelf to see this sticker signage.

The literary images can have multiple purposes: decorate the fiction section, remind users of the different kinds of reading available to them, serve as signage to feature a special genre collection, provide visuals for teaching the literary genres.

These designs are kept simple, easy to "read," with images that are recognizable to all ages. The background colors are easy to match to fabric swatches or paint samples. Remember that, like all our library graphics, the literary genres can be printed as library banners or library posters of many sizes with many display options.

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